Welcome to the DeepThought HPC

The new Flinders University HPC is called DeepThought. This new HPC comprises of AMD EPYC based hardware and next-generation management software, allowing for a dynamic and agile HPC service.


The new BeeGFS Parallel Filesystem mounted at /cluster has just been deployed, and is now ready for usage. It will appear in any disk usage listings on the HPC. For further information please read the /cluster section of the Storage Usage & Guidelines.


This documentation is under active development, meaning that it can change over time as we improve it. Please email deepthought@flinders.edu.au if you require assistance. We also welcome user contributions to this documentation - contact the same email above so we can grant you access.


If you use the HPC to form a part of your research, you should attribute your usage. Flinders has minted a DOI that points to this documentation, specific for the HPC Service. It will also allow for tracking the research outputs that the HPC has contributed to.

Text Citation

The below text citation follows the standard Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) format for attributing data and software. For more information on this type of attribution, visit the ARDC Data Citation page.

Flinders University (2021). DeepThought (HPC). Retrieved from https://doi.org/10.25957/FLINDERS.HPC.DEEPTHOUGHT

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Table of Contents

Technical Specifications

FAQ & Known Issues


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