CST Studio Suite

CST Studio Suite Status

CST Studio 2022 is the current version of the CST Studio Suite installed on the HPC. Currently, Single-Node Module and GPU acceleration are tested and confirmed to be working via a manual CLI call.

The cst_ job-submission scripts will work, however they do not allocate resources in an effective manner for DeepThought. Use at your own risk, as a manually created SLURM job will give you much better results.

Below are the modes of operation and their status.

Run Mode Status
GPU Accelerated Working/Released
Single-Node Parallel Working/Released
Multi-Node Parallel Testing/Unreleased

CST Studio Suite Quickstart Command Line Guide

To run a CST Studio job on the HPC you will need your .cst file, and the associated SLURM script. Modify any <OPTIONS> to your requirements.

  1. Single-Node, GPU Accelerated

    cst_design_environment -defaultacc -with-gpu=<NUMBER_OF_GPUS_REQUESTED> -m -r -num-threads=$SLURM_CPUS_PER_TASK -project-file /path/to/projet.cst

  2. Single-Node, CPU Only

    cst_design_environment -m -r -num-threads=$SLURM_CPUS_PER_TASK -project-file /path/to/project.cst

  3. Multi-Node GPU Accelerated

    Coming Soon, when MPI is released

  4. Multi-Node, CPU Only

    Coming Soon, when MPI is released

CST Studio Suite CLI Quick List

CLI Option Description
-defaultacc Enable Compute Acceleration Detection.
-with-gpu=<NUM_GPU> Per Node, the number of GPU’s (Max 2). Requires -defaultacc.
-m -r Enable ‘Batch’ Mode
-num-threads=<COUNT> Number of threads (CPU’s) to use
-num-cpudevices=<COUNT> MPI Only. Use only if you know what NUMA is
-withmpi Enable MPI
-machinefile=/path/to/file Path to the CST Machine File. Required for MPI.
-autompi Automatically detect the MPI Type. Required for MPI.
-shared-dir A shared space for CST. Defaults to $TMPDIR
-project-file /path/to/file.cst Path to .CST Project FIle