Delft3D Status

Delft3D 4, Revision 65936 is installed and available for use on the HPC.

Delft3D Overview

From Delft3D Home:

Delft3D is Open Source Software and facilitates the hydrodynamic (Delft3D-FLOW module), morphodynamic (Delft3D-MOR module), waves (Delft3D-WAVE module), water quality (Delft3D-WAQ module including the DELWAQ kernel) and particle (Delft3D-PART module) modelling

Delft3D Known Issues

Delft3D does not currently support Multi-Node Execution. The binary swan_mpi.exe will not work and immediately crash with errors.

Delft3D Program Quick List

Below are two main binaries that are used as part of the Delft3D Suite

Program Description
wave The WAVE module
swan_omp.exe The SWAN Module with Single-Node parallelism
Ignore the .exe - ending, it is valid linux binary. Due a transision state between CMake and Make for the Delft3D source-code, the tools and scripts rely on the binary name ending in .exe.