ANSYS Engineering Suite

ANSYS Status

ANSYS 2021R2 is the current version of the ANSYS Suite installed on the HPC. Both Single-Node (-smp) and Multi-Node (-dis) execution is supported as well as GPU acceleration.

ANSYS Overview

The ANSYS Engineering Suite is a comprehensive software suite for engineering simulation. More information on can be found on the ANSYS website.

ANSYS Quickstart Command Line Guide

To run a job with ANSYS on the HPC you will need the following:
  • An ANSYS Script file
  • Any reference file(s) (eg, a .db file)

Ensure that the paths to anything in the script file reflect where it lives on the HPC, not your local machine. When running with the -dis option, you must use a distributed filesystem like /scratch (or /cluster, when available) as all nodes will need to the the files, and /local is not visible between individual nodes. Below are some example command-line examples to get you started.

Replace all <OPTIONS> to suit your requirements. You can omit the > PATH_TO_OUTPUT_FILE, and SLURM will capture the ANSYS output and write it to your #SBATCH --output=/path/to/file.out.

  1. Shared-Memory Parallel (Single-Node)


  1. Distributed Mode (Multi-Node)


  1. Hybrid Distributed Mode (Multi-Node Shared-Memory Parallel)

ansys212 -dis -np $SLURM_NTASKS -nt $SLURM_CPUS_PER_TASK <SLURM Memory Allocation> -b -s < PATH_TO_SCRIPT_FILE > PATH_TO_OUTPUT_FILE

  1. GPU Hybrid Distributed Mode (Multi-Node Shared-Memory Parallel with GPU Acceleration)


ANSYS CLI Quick List

The following is a quick list of some of the common CLI options.

CLI Option Description
-acc nvidia Enable GPU Compute Acceleration
-na value The number GPU per Compute Node ANSYS should use. Current Max: 2
-dis Run ANSYS in Distributed (Multi-Node) Mode
-np value In SMP mode, specify the number of CPU’s to use. In Distributed/Hybrid mode, specify the number of Tasks/Processes
-nt value Specify the number of threads per process in Hybrid mode
-smp Run ANSYS in Single-Node Mode
-g Start the Graphical User interface
-b Enable ANSYS Batch mode. Needs -s.
-i Full Input file path
-o Full Output File Path
-s Read the Ansys Start-up Script
-dir /path The Working Directory of ANSYS
-db Initial Allocation for the ANSYS .db file. Can be omitted.
-m value RAM Allocation for ANSYS, in MB. Can be omitted.
< /path/ Script file Path for batch Mode
> /path/file.out Path to store ANSYS Output to file

ANSYS Program Quick List

The following table lists the ANSYS programs and their associated CLI command.

Program Name
Mechanical ADPL ansys212, ansys2021R2
Workbench runwb2
CFX cfx5
FLUENT fluent
ICEM CFD icemcfd
POLYFLOW polyman
CFD-Post cfdpost
Icepak icepak
TurboGrid cfxtg
AUTODYN autodyn212